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The Dream Helper is the Creator of all things who gives good gifts to all His children. Those in our network are independent certified coaches and counselors volunteering to listen and pray with those needing comfort, solutions, a new dream, and a new beginning from their Father in Heaven.

Brian Newman

Life Coach, Author, Ordained Minister, Dream Interpreter

Brian "Asriel" Newman is a life coach, ordained minister, Air Force veteran and also a dream interpreter. He is the former host of the television show "Let's Talk Shalom" and the "Shalom Letters" podcast. He is the founder of Hebrew Hearts Singles Outreach as well as Psalm 16 Ministry and Psalm 16 Kingdom Seeking Singles. Brian has written a devotion form his lyrics (which was read on N.P.R. Chattanooga), a guide to modern courtship (Redeemed), and is writing another book on  biblical dream interpretation. 

He earned a Master's in Human Services with an emphasis in Marriage and Family from Liberty University after earning previous degrees in History and Foreign Language with an emphasis on Secondary Education. Brian graduated from Bible School in Cleveland, TN in 2022. 

Brian has experience in a leadership role as outreach director of Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship in Cleveland, Tennessee as well as being on the Board of Directors for Battlefield  Assembly of Messiah in Rossville, GA and a founding member of Word of Grace in Athens, GA.  

Brian counsels those seeking to serve the Kingdom in the 5-Fold Ministry of the Church or parachurch ministries and enjoys seeing people walk into their calling! 

Proverbs 27:17 Interview with "Let's Talk Shalom" Founder, Dream Interpreter, 

TV/Podcast Host and Author

Brian Newman

Dr. Sayra Green

Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Crisis & Abuse Therapy

Dr. Sayra Green is a clinical pastoral counselor licensed by the National Christian Counselors Association. She specializes in temperament, crisis, and abuse therapy for those who have had a variety of challenges. Dr. Green has exerience treating trauma as a result of verbal and emotional abuse, domestic violence, and rape. She is also familiar with the issues of anxiety, depression, hoarding, and agoraphobia. She is on-call 24/7 and accepts emergency appointments online or at her office in Jefferson City, Tennessee. Read more about Dr. Green here.

LPC Stephanie Edwards

Tennessee Licensed Professional Counselor

Hi, I’m Stephanie Edwards, owner and therapist at The Resting Place. God has led me on the path of guiding others in healing and transformation.  My work as a therapist has primarily focused on areas specific to trauma (childhood and adult), grief and loss and complex trauma impacting women (postpartum depression, infertility and loss during pregnancy). I'm currently specializing in couples counseling and challenges women face. Regardless of your need, it is my desire for you to be embraced with compassion in a space of sacred trust and safety where freedom can be found.     If I have the honor of engaging with you on this path, I commit to holding an authentic space where you feel seen, heard and understood. Together, we will identify your needs and goals and will discuss steps forward based on your pace and comfort level.  

I look forward to connecting with you! Stephanie Edwards, LPC The Resting Place, LLC Owner/Therapist

"Let's Talk Shalom" Interview with

 Licensed Professional Counselor

Stephanie S. Edwards

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Annalisa O'Toole

Life & Relationship Coach

Annalisa has been a life coach since 2007. She has certifications for Professional Life Coaching from AACC and Emotional Healing Therapies using the SRTT(c) technique. Over the years, she has focused on supporting couples in their dating and marriage relationships, and she has helped spouses on the brink of divorce. Annalisa also has a passion for helping those in career transition discover their calling and God-given purpose. Check out here "How Love Flows In Relationships" FB Group Here.

Annalisa serves clients online and in person. Her support team has three physical locations in Georgia:  Atlanta, Buford, and Young Haris. 

While not in client sessions, she writes, blogs, and speaks at corporate training events. She has hosted the Ask Annalisa Show on WIMO radio in Winder, GA.

Let's Talk Shalom Interview with Life and Relationship Coach, 

And Radio Host

 AnnaLisa O'Toole.

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Keely Daniels

Trauma and Transition Coach

Keely Daniels is an ordained minister through the National Association of Christian Ministers and is a board-certified advanced Christian life coach through the American Association of Christian Counselors. Although she is not a licensed professional counselor, Keely earned her Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling in Crisis Response and Trauma from Liberty University and has a certificate in biblical studies.

She has been a Stephens Minister for those experiencing trauma, grief, or life transition. She has helped people through chronic health conditions, trauma, anxiety, military family-related struggles, marriage, parenting, homeschooling, fostering and adoption, grief, and loss. 

In addition, she has worked as a career advisor, and loves to help people find and walk in their purposes. Keely and her husband have served in ministry leadership, planting and leading house churches and small groups on the east coast. Keely has written for International Christian Concern, the Religious Freedom Institute, and worked for the National Committee for Religious Freedom to help preserve our First Amendment freedom of religion for the next generation.

"Let's Talk Shalom" 

Interview with 

Trauma Specialist

Keely Daniel

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Tierney Dubi

Healthy Living Coach

Tierney Dubi is a Certified Health Coach as well as being a mother and business owner.  She has a passion for helping individuals and families find way to stay healthy in their busy lives. 

She believes Health is so much more than just about watching what we eat!! 

Its the media we consume the music we listen to, the thoughts we think…everything is connected! So together, let’s break the cycle that is holding you back and move forward to a healthier you!  

"Let's Talk Shalom" 

Interview with 

Professional Health Coach

Tierney Dubi

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John Bratton

Grief & Mental Health Coach

John Bratton is certified by the American Association of Christian Counseling as a mental health coach specializing in grief and loss. He has a master's degree in theology and is getting board certified to continue counseling those in need. John's life changed dramatically when he lost his son in a motor vehical accident in 2019. This personal and tragic experience has given him a passion to help people through similar experiences.

Angelea Kae Castro

Military Family and Domestic Violence Coach

Angelea is an international crisis administrator for veterans and their families. She is also a faith and identity coach involved in healing, deliverance, and dream interpretation ministry. Angelea is an author, a course creator, and the founding lead minister of GloryCast Church. She is a beloved wife and mother.

"Let's Talk Shalom" 

Interview with 

Trafficking Survivor 

And Endurance Coach

Angelea K. Castro

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